Saturday, July 28, 2007

Starting Work

I am looking forward to starting work again on monday. I am sure that I will have the energy to last the day. I will start with 3 days and go from there. It will be good to get back to some kind of normailty I am not good at being the centre of attention all those doctors and nurses asking me questions about everything that happens was not good. Have too many doctors appointment over the next few months to remember. At least there is nobody sticking needles in me every day like they were in the hospital I had had enough of that by the time I left.

The bruises that these daily blood tests left took about a week to a week and a half to fade. I still have a mark from the canular that they used during the operation. A canular is like a drip, a big needle that attaches to a bag of medicine that they use to keep you asleep or give you fluid to keep you healthy.

Might use my last day before work to see a movie with my housemate, she wants to see the SImpsons and I think I agree.
see you later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in Brisbane

Ok I am back in Brisbane. Looking to see if I will be able to handle life in the fast lane. I will not add a again here as it isn't like I ever actually lived in the fast lane. Maybe the far left lane occasionally going into the right lane to overtake those who were to slow even for me!

Am busy testing out my pathetic energy level. Tripping here and these to see where I end up. Usually this is in bed taking a wonderfully relaxing nap somewhere around 3:30. A sure fire sign that Ishouldn't fall in a heap when I go back to work.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Isn't it strange how somethings switch on memories. While somethings are best forgotten, I still do not remember much about my time in hospital, nothing about most of the Tuesday that I wound up in hospital and very little of the day that I had the brain surgery and the day after. For me music is one of the things that triggers memories so sitting here watching TV I often find myself remembering my year of travels especially Canada as it wass January and February ( extremely cold) and I would often spend time warming up in the department stores warming up this was the cheap way to warm up pand kept me away from the delicious hot chocolate that could be brought in most of the coffee shops.

It is a good though unexpected way to remember.

I am feeling a little better more so becaue I had a visit from Jennie today. It was good to see somebody from the place that I usually spend so much of my time. Nice to know that most of you miss me. I am looking forward to coming back and seeing you all again. I just hope that you won't be too bored by me as I might be a little bit slower than usual, there won't be many fast paced lessons as I have to take thing slowly otherwise I get tired. I will do my best to keep up with you all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too much Simpsons

I think I am overdoing the Simpson. Everyday I watch the school holiday special Simpsons everyday I watch 4 or 5 episodes, right now I am watching the one where Maggie saves Homer. I can't wait to watch the movie I think it will be really funny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My stitches

Ok these are the spots on my head the first one is my bald spot from the MRI map they made of my brain and the second is the stitches from the two holes in my head. Sorry they are not very good quality but I just used my parents webcam.
Don't think any haircut is going to fix them. Hey I should not get too excited about hair if this does not work I might have to have another operation and then I might lose all my hair.

still feeling tired

Well things are slowly getting better but I feel like a little child or a Nanna needing a nap round 2pm in the afternoon. I can't even stay awake when all I am doing is walking around my parents house or going up the street in the thrilling town that is Kilcoy and trying on some clothes.

Apparently the positive thing is everyone tells me I have lost weight but that won't last long with a shop full of yummy chocolates and chips at my finger tips besides I think I have lost muscle not fat. I am not sure about my head ( no sarcastic comments here about how none of you have ever been sure about my head) as I was doing some laundry and I hit my head on the dryer door and boy did it hurt my head is still a little tender where I barely whacked it ( but it really did hurt). With great skill I did manage to hit it right on the stitches of the big crack in my skull. How exactly they got inside my head I am both curious and don't want to know if those two opposing notions are possible. In my head they are so I don't care what you all think ( don't care much anyway)

Have still avoided the hairdresser but think soon it is going to be necessary as I am a bit like a sheep dog I can hardly see or at least everyone is probably wondering how I see with the hair that covers my eyes. Have no idea but then indecisiveness is just in my nature usually it takes me 6 weeks to decide to have a hair cut and then it turns into a last minute decision that I end up making when I walk past a random hairdressers while in a shopping centre somewhere. In Kilcoy however this is not really possible as there are only two hair dressers one who likes to cut all hair extra short who I have not been to for ages or the other place that everybody thinks charges Brisbane prices but where you can still get cut colour foils and blow dry for about 100 buck no where near Brisbane prices. Anyway what a horrid decision awaits me to haircut or not to haircut that is the question.

Friday, July 13, 2007

a busy end to June

Well I do not really remember the end of June. I spent it in hospital after a car accident. The accident wasn't the problem. The problem ended up being waht the doctors found in my head. Apparently I had too much fluid on my brain and there were things growing in there that should not have been there.

I am fine and I had none of the symptoms of what was happening but I spent last week in hospital recovering from brain surgery. One bad point is I do not remember much of Tuesday and Wednesday. I had the surgery on Tuesday and then my sodium levels dropped and I am lucky to be alive, I don't remember much of this only that Tue til Thu was torture because I wasn't allowed to drink much 1 Litre a day which is not much for those of you who know how much I like my water.

I am hoping with the decrese of pressure in my head might mean an increase in my ability to handle stress or at leaset tolerate noise which freaks me out most times.

So I currently have a very strange hair style with a little bald patch on the top of my head and in several spot where they put the dots that allowed them to MRI map my brain so they knew where to cut my head open. Then there are the bald spots where they cut into my skull. Needles to say those spots are just a little bit sensitive and I can not even brush my hair easily so I will continue with the weirly hair cut until I feel confident I can handle people going near my head with sharp instruments like scissors.

Anyway leave any comments and I will get back to you.